Summer is supposed to be about taking a dip in the pool, strolling alongside a lake, getting lost in a book, kicking off your shoes and soaking up the rays. Do you remember summers as a child? What happened to those carefree days? Seems like we’re all rushing around in a hurry and getting swept up in the hustle and bustle of day to day living. Even when we know what’s good for us, we still get wrapped up in doing versus having fun. I hold those summery memories like picking passion fruit, catching crayfish, and swimming with my cousins, close to me. And wonder why I don’t do more of it.

I’m reminded of my first year as a graduate student. I took a course on stress management and was blissfully happy when I learned the entire quarter would be about relaxing and meditation. And that’s what we did. Every class, we spent time either talking about meditation or practicing it. For homework, I meditated an hour every day and was mindful while eating, showering and walking. I’ve never been more relaxed, calm and well-rested in my life. But if you ask me how much I meditate today, I’d be too embarrassed to tell you. It’s somewhere between once a week and none.

The thing is, no matter how busy we think we are, there’s always time in our life for play, rest and meditation. In fact, I’m hoping these top five posts will motivate you, as it’s motivated me, to make the time and start today.

Meditation in Focus: The Many Benefits to Your Health

(ADHD in Focus) – Here it is. The reasons why meditation is worth a try. Sure you’ve heard about it, was curious about it, but now is your chance to do it. Read why it’s not just some hokey alternative practice, but an ancient exercise with real benefits and scientific evidence to support it.

The Secret to Making Change in Just Minutes

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Change, schmange. Who has the time these days? You might. That’s right. While you’re standing in line at the market or sitting in the waiting room at your doctor’s office, you could be working on changing your life. Read this to find out how.

Harness the Power of Your Mind

(Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood) – For those of you who get lost in negativity every once in awhile (which I think is all of us), here are a few tips on how to control your mind. Yes, it is possible and no Jedi mind tricks are not involved.

Fighting Back Against Depression-Benefits of Exercise

(Family Mental Health) – Not getting enough sleep isn’t good for you. But when you’re married with kids, it’s also not good for them either. Here’s a good remedy for being tired. Try exercise. It worked for this blogger!

Emotional Eating, Food Fears & Body Image: Q&A with Christie, Part 2

(Weightless) – Can you tell meditation is a theme this week? Even interviewee Christie over from Honoring Health suggests meditation to combat emotional eating and for positive body image. Learn about that and more in this informative post.