How’s your summer going? Have you been soaking up the sun’s rays or hiding out in air conditioned rooms, underneath trees and any shelter you can find? I’ve actually been exercising the latter, cooling off in theaters. As a result, it’s turning out to be a movie themed summer. In fact, this past weekend, I gave into my movie kick and saw everything from Toy Story 3 to Eclipse.

Those two very different movies taught me something surprisingly similar about life. Something along the lines of, “anything is possible” and “having a little giggle is just as important as working hard.” Silliness and play teach us a lot about ourselves. It’s how we learned as kids and how we open up the door to possibilities as adults.

The reason I bring this up is that as adults we are often starved for newness in our lives. Yet, there are still millions of things that we haven’t heard of or tried. We just have to open ourselves up to the possibility and seek new adventures in our every day lives. You can start here. I think you’ll find these top five posts to be very eye-opening. In fact, one in particular (can you tell which one?), not just opened, but blew my mind. I hope you enjoy them and have a great week!

4 Types of Perfectionism

(360 of Mindful Living) – We’re all perfectionists in one way or another. According to this post, there are actually four in particular. Read this and you may be surprised to see yourself in one of them.

Your Intelligence is Here Inside Your Body

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Often we seek wisdom from external sources. This post reminds us to look for wisdom within.

Body Image & How to Honor Yourself

(Weightless) – Welcome compliments and fear criticism? It’s a normal reaction, but one that can be healed by learning how to honor yourself and your body. Read this post for tips on how to do so.

Zoe’s Pet Peeves: An ADHD Crossroad

(ADHD from A to Zoe) – Just when you think you’ve successfully tackled it all, there’s another challenge up ahead. That’s what Zoe is undergoing currently. Deciding whether to confess to her ADHDness is putting her at a crossroads. Read along with her struggle and see what she decides.

The Man Who Ate His Lover

(Channel N) – I saved the most shocking post for last. Truthfully, I could not get through the whole video-a documentary describing two men and their erotic cannibalism. It was that mind-boggling and a bit too much for this squeamish gal.