Is it just me or is anyone else feeling the “after holiday blues?” Yep, memories of fireworks and the waft of the grill are slowly fading away. I’m already thinking about the next big thing, a vacation, a birthday, another holiday. My mind starts to dream about the end of the summer and the beginning of fall and what that will bring. I let myself get carried away into the future and then a wave of worries take over. Money, family, career, you name it. I’ve thought about it and indulged in it. Before I know it, the day is gone.

How unfortunate that we let time get the best of us and how easy it is to succumb to things like stress, worrying and negative thinking. Although it’s quite normal, it would be wonderful to catch myself in the act and stop the thoughts before it starts. And in some ways, I have. Reading our blogs here has given me reason to pause and refocus my attention. Another thing that has proved influential is reading your comments on Facebook this week. Learning what random acts of kindness you’ve engaged in or observed have proved to be truly uplifting. Thanks for that!

And for you, here are another round of posts that will hopefully help you become more mindful and grateful, less anxious, and have a giggle or two. Have a great weekend!

Writing Away Depression’s Thinking

(Light, Laughter & Life) – Starting to feel the rise of negativity and the fall of hope and faith? These tips will talk the negativity out of your head and get them right down on paper. Surprisingly such a small step will have profound affect on your mood and can even be empowering. Try it. You’ll see!

Emotional Eating is Inevitable, Make it Mindful

(360 Degrees of Mindful Living) – Thought you could escape emotional eating? Well you can’t! But that’s a good thing because eating without any emotion wouldn’t be fun. 360 Degrees of Mindful Living addresses the real cause for concern in this insightful post: mindless emotional eating.

A Not-So-Random Act of Kindness

(World of Psychology) – Here’s the post that started it all! Well at least it inspired our moving conversation on Facebook this week. It’s an uplifting story that made one Twitter follower feel hopeful about humanity again.

4 UR Mental Health [3 Cartoons]

(Mental Health Humor) – Tired of talking to people who don’t get mental health issues? Chato Stewart’s got the remedy. Here’s a light look at stigmas, labels and coming out about mental illness through his hilarious cartoons.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress and the Oil Spill: Who Cares?

(Depression On My Mind) – A surprising and unexpected look at the oil spill. This post turns its attention on the difference between natural vs. manmade disasters, the detrimental consequences of them and the hardship faced by those directly affected by it.