No matter how much I try, time keeps getting the best of me. It’s chased me through spring and followed me into July. And now we’re here — a few days before the big 4th of July weekend. Here’s where time really got me. There’s no way to escape it, just like we can’t run away from the madhouse of our world right now. But we can make choices. We can choose to really embrace our lives, no matter how chaotic and stressful it is and how helpless and overwhelmed we feel. And we can decide to celebrate and cherish small joyous moments like the fact that it’s sunny out or that there are no disasters going on right at this minute.

A friend and I were joking about how much of a downer the news is. It feeds right into our insecurities and anxieties and makes us feel even more out of control than we already feel. We laughed and pondered how nice it would be to have a news station with its top feature being absolutely nothing. As in, “Today in the news, there was no fires, the stock went up and everyone was at peace!” As you celebrate or not celebrate the 4th of July in your part of the world, I hope you’ll remember to spend time with loved ones, go outside and cherish the thrill of nothingness. Happy 4th of July!

Mindfulness in Schools: Building Resiliency in Kids

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Talk about happy stories on the news! This short four minute or so video is definitely worth watching. It shows the positive effects of mindfulness on children. Something us adults need to learn a thing or two about.

Psychological Research & Weirdos

(Anxiety & OCD Exposed) – A different take on psychological research. Ever wonder who researchers study? Besides the occasional mouse, they also study college students a.k.a. weirdos, in this humorous, yet thoughtful article.

Mental Illness in Film

(Therapy Soup) – It used to be that film portrayals of people with mental illness were in sharp contrast with reality. Today, however, there’s hope of de-stigmatizing mental illness through documentaries. Read this for information on a few of these important and relevant films.

Emotional Trauma in the Womb

(World of Psychology) – Is it possible to suffer early trauma as early as in the womb? Yep, it seems so. Quite fascinating research on how babies can learn, memorize, and experience the emotional state of their mother all while in their mother’s tummy.

Irrational Career Incentives

(Channel N) – Confused about the labor market? Get informed and entertained at the same time with this interesting video. It’ll debunk your beliefs about motivation and financial incentives.