Well it’s here! We’re officially in the midst of summer. In fact, we’re almost at the end of June. July here we come!

Yet, for some of us summer doesn’t automatically mean fun. There’s the oil spill, for example, the economy and everything else on the news. Added to that are our plain old daily concerns on everything from our weight to our empty wallets. Yes, we definitely need an extra boost to have fun as adults. It’s not just about ice-cream cones or playing in the sand anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

If we have to work harder to have fun than so be it. We deserve to play as much as any kid out there! Even if you can’t get away this summer because the cost of a vacation is just too much for you this year, there’s still lots you can do. Go to a park. Spend time in your garden. Read a summer book that’ll whisk you away to an exotic spot. Spend the time learning how to love and accept yourself. And if you want to know how to do so, go straight to our top blogs of the week and it’ll show you how. Enjoy!

A Little Fun with Acceptance

(Bipolar Advantage) – Didn’t know that Dr. Will Meecham, our Bipolar Advantage blogger was a poet too? Well he is! Check out his poem personifying Grief, Sorrow, Rage, Disgust, and more and have the pleasure of reading his creative depiction of self-acceptance.

Anxiety and Job Loss

(Anxiety & OCD Exposed) – If you’re struggling with anxiety over losing a job recently, hang in there. It’s a tough thing to go through, but you’re definitely not alone. This post is filled with tips on how to get through it.

18 Ways to Manage Stress

(World of Psychology) – Yes, stress can hit at anytime. It doesn’t discriminate according to seasons. What you can do is be prepared to manage it when it happens. Thank goodness there’s 18 ways to do so in this stress-busting post!

A Body Image Confession

(Weightless) – What’s the great thing about confessions? Being honest about your imperfections, such as body image relapses, is an opportunity to once again learn to forgive and accept yourself. It also helps validate others who are going through the same thing. So thank you Margarita Tartakovsky for helping others learn to fully accept themselves, slip-ups or no slip-ups!

Is There Such a Thing as Positive Addiction? Dr. Glasser Thinks So, But Do You?

(ADHD in Focus) – We’re all aware of addiction, but positive addiction? Find out why you might want one and what steps you can take to get one of your own.