How was your Father’s Day? Was it all you wanted, expected and hoped it would be?

The activities of the day, however, are less important than the memories associated with Father’s Day. Even if you’re not a father yourself or were unable to spend time with your dad due to death or distance, there’s still a lot that can be celebrated. Things like treasured memories and happy moments and taking time to remember the fatherly figures in your life and how they have influenced who you are today.

On Sunday, I spoke with my dad. He talked about his life as a child growing up in Hawaii. He reminisced about the way things were. The neighbors he knew, the small local-owned stores that used to be in existence, and the truck that sold produce picked from local farms. How simple life seemed to be then and how much things have changed within a lifetime.

While some things in life have gotten more complicated, other things like mental health issue and awareness are getting a lot better. We’re learning how to forgive and better ourselves, improve the way we view our bodies and are more open to mental illness and healing. The good news is that there’s lots of resources to help us get there. The even better news is that we’ve got them here in our best of our blogs for this week. Here they are:

Forgiveness Means Giving Up All Hope for a Better Past

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Still griping over a 6 year old slight? Maybe it’s time to consider forgiveness. This popular post will get you to reconsider that grudge you’ve been holding onto about the past so you can live a more compassionate and hopeful future.

From Depression to Immense Gratitude

(Depression On My Mind) – We’re so proud of blogger Christine Stapleton for winning a well-deserved award for her Depression On My Mind blog from Mental Health America! Read about her journey from a newbie to where she is now.

In Celebration of Fathers, 2010

(World of Psychology) – What do dads do? Besides the occasional gesture like mow the lawn, repair the house and play games with the kids, they sure do a lot more. Read all the things fathers do that make us so grateful for them.

Boost Your Body Image by Journaling

(Weightless) – Journals aren’t just for childhood dreams. There is a slew of benefits for journaling. Read why you should journal to deal with emotional eating and improve your body image and get tips on the best ways to use it.

Thin Ice of Presence

(360 of Mindful Living) – Is a cup really just a cup? How about a fork? Read this and you’ll begin to question you’re preconceived thoughts and meaning you attribute to just about everything around you.