I was away earlier this week because my mom was in town. And in a few days, it will be Father’s Day. Spending all this time with my parents has made me aware of a lot of things.

For one it’s given me the opportunity to see them in a new light. Not one of admiration or awe, but something a bit more realistic. I saw them as two separate people who tried to do the best they could in the situation that they were in. I then saw myself as my own individual who tries the best that I can with whatever things come my way. Funny how learning to accept my parents as imperfect has helped me to accept myself for my own imperfections.

Seeing them and celebrating this coming Father’s Day are just a reminder to me that we can only do the best we can and that doing so is enough. I think that’s something worth celebrating.

I hope that you have a Happy Father’s Day and don’t forget to enjoy this mixed basket of best blog posts of the week!

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