I was out on break for a bit, but now I’m back. I’m just wondering one thing: Did you miss me?

Well the start of summer means lots of you are also on summer break — break from work, school, your favorite television show or maybe it’s more time with the kids. One thing you can count on is another week of top posts to read. Don’t worry if you were too busy barbecuing, partying or hanging out at the beach! There’s plenty of time to catch up. In fact, you can start with these.

Here’s another quick round-up of our best posts for this week:

Mental Health Hashtag List

(World of Psychology) – One of the best things about Twitter is that you get the chance to chat with people all over the world. Twitter hashtags are one of the ways you can do so. But if you’re at a loss for chats on mental health issues and events, check out this top post for a list of various mental health hashtags used for Mental Health Month May 2010.

God in Therapy: Let’s Talk

(Therapy Soup) – God and money are topics we often avoid talking about. Yet, is taking God out of therapy a good thing? Can we take the religion out of therapy and is non-religion just as influential as religion itself? Therapy Soup weighs in.

4 Questions to Release Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS)

(Mindfulness and Psychotherapy) – Ever think to yourself, “I’ll never be successful” or “No one really likes me”? This post will challenge you to stop thinking these thoughts and prevent them from negatively affecting your life.

Staging a Bipolar Disorder Intervention

(Bipolar Beat) – If you know someone with bipolar disorder, then you may be someone searching for help and support. Read this post for tips on ways you can help those who cannot help themselves and learn how to care for yourself in the process.

Summer Resolutions

(Always Learning) – Can you believe we’re half way through another year? How have you done with those New Year’s resolutions? If you’re like me and they haven’t feared well, then try again with Always Learning’s, “Summer Resolutions” instead.