There are just a handful of days left until Memorial Day. How are you celebrating this three day weekend? For me, the holiday signifies the start of summer and all that the warm season brings. Superficially, I’m reminded of the things I love like barbecues, tank tops and flip flops and the things I could do without such as termites, cockroaches and hot weather.

But on a deeper level, the summertime brings me back to new beginnings and a fresh start. The hope of facing old fears, the courage of tackling new inner battles and the ever present possibility of a better me, one that’s closer to loving and accepting who I am warts and all. It’s something about the season, more than at the beginning of a new year (maybe it’s the shedding of our outer coats) that brings me closer to my authentic self.

As you shed your outer layer, I hope you too will not only enjoy the summer season and this upcoming holiday to its fullest, but that you will grow closer to who you are truly meant to be. May these top five postsĀ help get you there!

3 Ways to Get Things Done Today!

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Ever feel overwhelmed by that pile of paperwork sitting atop your desk? Those post-its and reminders of things you still need to catch up on? Then this is the post for you. Mindfulness & Psychotherapy breaks down your task list into 3 simple steps. Look out summer, here you come!

Treating Vets with Brain Injuries

(Channel N) – There are many ways you can celebrate Memorial Day-picnics, parties or visiting the graves of those who died in war. Another way is to celebrate vets who are still living and may be suffering from traumatic brain injuries and other mental health issues. In this informative video, neuropsychologist Maria Mouratidis talks about current ways they are treating vets.

Avoiding the Helpfulness Trap

(Bipolar Beat) – If your loved one has bipolar disorder, you may shift into people pleasing mode when mania sets in. Read this popular post for tips on ways to help your loved one while avoiding getting sucked into the cycle of stress and mania.

Self-Esteem, Kids and Anxiety

(Anxiety & OCD Exposed) – There are two opposite, yet equally harmful ways you can increase the chances of your children developing anxiety. Either from too much praise or from verbal abuse. This top post discusses both and what not to do to raise resilient kids.

Doc, Am I Normal? Yes.

(World of Psychology) – Ever ask yourself, “Is this normal?” If so, go straight to this post to find out if what you’re experiencing is normal. You might be pleasantly surprised to know that things like inner voices and relationships anxiety are more normal than you think.