Although the weather might not feel like it yet, summer’s just around the corner. What I find most interesting about the seasons (since I’m from Hawaii, I only grew up with one season), is that it brings out different reactions and emotions for different people. Some dread the coming of the sun (hot weather, bathing suit season, kids out of school) and others adore it for the same exact reasons.

What about you? Does summer bring up visions of fun beach days, summer barbecues and long summer nights? Or are you dreading mosquitoes, shorts, crowds and restless kids?

Well whatever it brings up for you, I hope you’ll get a chance to stop, take a pause and enjoy the experience of a new season and all the wonders and possibilities that it brings. Oh and if you’ve got time? Check out our top posts too!

The Key to Stop Bullying from Spreading in Our Children’s Lives

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – It’s devastating that kids today have to deal with daily bullying from their peers. But you don’t have to sit around and watch it happen. This top post provides a list of helpful resources that gives you advice on raising more compassionate and empathic kids.

How to Really Eat Healthy: Q&A with Judity Matz & Ellen Frankel, Part 2

(Weightless) – For some, summer makes people body crazy. This year, instead of another diet, why not turn to healthy eating? Need help? This post will give you the resources and support necessary to quit dieting and focus on gaining a better relationship with food and your body.

Ethical Fashion Blogging

(Channel N) – Everyone has a blog these days. In fact, blogging grew so fast that we’re just now discussing things like ethical standards. This informative video answers the question, “Should bloggers accept free gifts?” If you’re a blogger, you’ll want to see this!

Psych Central iPhone App

(World of Psychology) – Yes Psych Central has joined the iPhone world! Now you can download the app for free (on your iPod Touch and iPad too) and then be able to take us wherever you go this summer.

Kids Don’t Really Listen; The Limits of Parental Power

(Always Learning) – You parents probably already know this. What you may not already know is why and how others (teachers, coaches, and community leaders) also have an impact on your kids. This post takes the pressure off parents and shines a spotlight on other important people who influence a child’s life.