Is it too late for spring fever? Those of you who are anticipating the end of a school year or an upcoming vacation (based on the tweets of our Twitter followers and Facebook friends there are a lot of you) will love this end of the week list of top posts.


Because we’ve got tips on how to get motivated, build your confidence, open yourself up to the possibility of love and make use of all that time you’ve spent sitting, waiting and dreaming of something you’d rather be doing instead of what you’re doing right now. So here we go!

How the Moments You’re Missing Can Lead to a Better Life

(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – In between point A where you are and point C where you want to get to, there’s point B the here and now. Learn how to embrace this moment no matter how bored, frustrated or upset you feel and gain something life changing out of it.

Feelings vs. Reactions

(Bipolar Advantage) – The line between how we feel and how we react can sometimes be a thin one. This week’s top post helps us define what we’re feeling before we jump in and react. It’s an important tool for getting Bipolar In Order, and can help anyone gain control over their feelings.

10 Ways to Find New Motivation

(World of Psychology) – If you’ve ever felt unmotivated (and I’m pretty sure that you have), then hop over to this top post to find out 10 ways to overcome those roadblocks. Unfinished project? Paperwork due? Procrastinating planning that trip? None are a match for this top 10 list.

Confidence and Golf Psychology

(Channel N) – Although I’m not a golfer and have no desire to be, I can see how watching this week’s Channel N can be helpful to anyone, golfer or not. Why? Because it deals with two factors we face in the game of life: confidence vs. expectation.

Legally Married, Yet Psychologically Single?

(Always Learning) – A twist on Peter Kramer’s Should You Leave term “psychological bachelorhood” is psychologically married and Always Learning is looking into its implications on her life. Take a look-see to find out which category you most identify with.