Call me biased, but I think those with mental health “problems” are actually the healthiest of the bunch. It’s what’s hidden in Alice Miller’s book title The Drama of the Gifted Child. It’s also how I perceive these lyrics from Natalie Merchant’s song Wonder:Know this child will be gifted. With love, with patience and with faith. She’ll make her way.” That with therapy and other types of treatment those among us who work on their stuff will end up on the other side, healthier and stronger than the rest of the lot. With that being said, I hope you’ll take wisdom and hope from our top posts this week and keep carrying on your own personal journeys towards greater peace, health and happiness.

Sneak Preview: New Film about Schizophrenia to Air on PBS Part I

(Therapy Soup) – A moving look behind the new documentary entitled When Medicine Got It Wrong. In part I of the two part series, Therapy Soup talks with its producer Katie Cadigan about the story behind the film and about the historical and haunting stigma of schizophrenia.

Confessions of Compulsive Eating: Recovery, Resources & Food, Part 2

(Weightless) – Learn about recovery from a person who’s been there and back. Part 2 of the interview answers insightful questions such as, “What have been the toughest parts about overcoming compulsive overeating?” It also provides helpful resources for those struggling with an eating disorder.

Loneliness is Not a DMS-5 Disorder, But it Still Hurts

(World of Psychology) – Shining light on loneliness, this post looks at why something we often take for granted, should be given more attention. You may not have known, for example, there are actual physical consequences that come from feeling isolated. Read this to find out more about the effects of loneliness.

Unpacking Your Own Baggage

(Always Learning) – Instead of focusing your attention on everyone else’s baggage, this post turns the tables to you. Read tips on becoming more aware and see if unpacking your baggage ends up helping your relationships.

How to Stop Bad Habits from Aging You 12 Years

(Mindfulness and Psychotherapy) – Stop the clock for a bit and read this. It’s all about the ways our thoughts shapes our actions and how being mindful of our intentions can help us on our journey to be more healthy and happy.