As of yesterday, I’m sure you’re singing, “TGIF” or Thank God Its Finished — taxes, that is. And if so, congratulations! You deserve a little rest and relaxation. I hope these posts will do it for you. Speaking of which, my regular reading of Psych Central posts have started to get to me. Have you noticed any changes in you?

I think it may be all that introspection and insightful thinking that made me rethink my initial judgment of a stranger I met on the plane recently. When I first saw him, he was yelling at people rushing to get off the plane, telling them to “Slow down or else someone would get hurt” and “Why are you so rude? What’s the rush anyway?” I was quick to cast him off as a pushy, negative guy who I wanted nothing to do with.

On my returning flight, I ended up sitting next to two older men. In particular, the guy sitting in the middle went out of his way to be nice to me. He stopped talking to his friend when I fell asleep, comforted me when the plane ride got suddenly bumpy and helped me with my suitcase. “What a nice man,” I thought. Then when the plane landed and people started racing to get off the plane, I heard my new friend start yelling, “If I don’t let you go first, you’ll never get off here. People are rushing through for no reason!” As I walked behind him, I started to put two and two together. Was this the same guy who just three days ago, I wrote off as rude?

It was! And it got me thinking about the ways we judge people or events to prevent disappointment (You’ll want to read the first post on how to deal with that). Most of posts, in fact, have a common theme: to deal head on with negative emotions and get through it to become more clear, insightful and self-aware. Hope it’ll do that for you!

7 Ways to Overcome Disappointment

(Word of Psychology) – As I mentioned earlier, people will do whatever they can to avoid feeling disappointed. But the best way to deal with disappointment isn’t avoiding it. If you’ve lost a job, a relationship or failed a test, this post will help you deal with disappointment the right way.

Love Triangles: The Purpose of Affairs

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A Mindful Path Through Depression

(Mindfulness and Psychotherapy) – When depression starts to come on, you might feel as if you’d do anything to get away from it. Kind of like how I felt with the man I met. But when you embrace it through mindfulness and awareness, you might discover that the pain dissipates when you confront it. This post explains how.

Zwolinski’s 7 Rudiments of the Mental Health Treatment Plan

(Therapy Soup) – Mental Health Treatment Plans have some singing its praises and others who don’t feel its love. But it’s hard not to note its benefits, such as helping to create a more effective therapy, focus treatment and improve successful outcomes. It’s also a lot of work. Thankfully Richard Zwolinski breaks it down for us in 7 essential steps.

Can Pets Improve Your Relationship?

(Healing Together for Couples) – It’s not difficult to believe that pets do us good. But can they improve your relationship? You may be surprised that Ralph, Fluffy or Sparky can! Aren’t pets wonderful?