It’s a brand new week. Glad you made it! April’s a pretty hectic month, but we’re nearly halfway through. You’ve already gotten through April Fool’s Day, hopefully your taxes are finally done, spring break’s about over and, well, Earth Day is still to come. May the rest of this month be all about relaxing and enjoying the sun!

For me, getting a little R&R means sitting down in a cafe and reading various chapters in my ever-growing stack of books. My shelf contains every subject including memoirs and psychology books. There’s a handful of fresh reads as well as a number of good old favorites. Have you ever gone back to reread an oldie to discover a new gem, some new found insight that makes you rethink your life?

I recently flipped through The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller and was moved by this quote: “Disrespect is the weapon of the weak and a defense against one’s own despised and unwanted feelings, which could trigger memories of events in one’s repressed history.” This statement sure packs a punch! I hope that it’ll leave you with new awareness and outlook of yourself and others. Speaking of which, hope this week’s round up of our best blogs will do the same.

Zoë’s Pet Peeves: I’m not flirtatious, I’m blurtatious (don’t hate me because I’m impulsive…)

(ADHD from A to Zoë) – Yes, this post is as fun as it sounds! It’s Zoë Kessler during her pre-ADHD, partying, twenty-something days. She takes a look back and tells it like it is about what it was like with her fresh pair of ADHD insight.

Sex With Your Therapist

(Therapy Unplugged) – A taboo topic that’s discussed in light of a Season 1 episode of In Treatment. It’s an interesting look into why the therapist-client relationship should never involve sex.

Look Who’s Depressed Now: Interns

(World of Psychology) – A recent study sheds light into an often unknown aspect of medical school. Student interns were found to suffer serious clinical, clinical depression and the more hours they worked, they more depressed they were. It’s a shocking and important look into depression and med school interns!

Realizing  Your Diet Rules & Getting Rid of Them

(Weightless) – If the thought of summer’s got you down with dieting, read this popular post first! Instead of following all those diet rules, consider breaking them and free free to feel liberated!

Did Depression and Anxiety Break Up Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy?

(Celebrity Psychings) – Sadly, another Hollywood couple’s relationship is on the rocks. The question is why did the golden duo split? Could depression and anxiety have something to do with it? Guess you’ll have to read more to find out.