Happy Friday! Hope everyone has an exciting weekend planned, even if “exciting” means sleeping in and vegging out in front of the TV. I don’t know about you, but I love this early spring weather, when the sun’s out, large clunky sweaters get stored away and tank tops and flip flops finally show their face. However, for some the warm weather brings up other things like spring cleaning, getting organized, taxes (ack!), a reminder of what we haven’t accomplished from our 2009 New Year’s Resolution, or our body image issues. In regards to the latter, ever notice that the two most busiest times at the gym are after New Year’s and spring?

What’s great is that I’m noticing a new trend, one that has to do with self-acceptance regardless of size. In fact, an article on that very topic made my top 5 this week. (See below for more info.) All in all, we’re ending the week strong with a slew of intriguing blog posts perfect for weekend reading. If you want to sit back and catch up on what you missed this past week, pull up a chair and get ready to be educated, enlightened and entertained!

Health & Happiness At Every Size: Part 2 of Q & A with Elizabeth Patch

(Weightless) – This popular post is fitting for the season. It’s the final section of a two part post that delves into topics of self-acceptance and happiness at every size. Concepts that are relevant right now especially in light of our society’s growing obsession with weight and dieting.

Good Ole Exercise for Depression

(World of Psychology) – Instead of exercising to lose weight, why not focus on its mental health benefits as well? This top post gives us another reason why getting exercise is important. Research studies have found that exercise actually reduces depression and anxiety. Hope this post gets you motivated to go outside this weekend, stretch those legs, take a walk or a bike ride, and enjoy the sunshine!

Movies to See While Depressed

(Bipolar Advantage) – If you’ve ever wondered what to watch when you’re feeling depressed, then this is the post you should read. There’s a great conversation going on there on what movies you should see when you’re depressed. For example, would you watch a comedy like, “Date Night” to cheer you up or would a tragedy help you to fully experience your emotion?

Jesse James Checks In, Out, And In Sex Addiction Treatment

(Celebrity Psychings) – If you’ve been following Hollywood these days, you may be scratching your head wondering about all these celebrity sex addictions. It’s stirring up a lot of controversy and people are starting to question whether a real addiction actually exists. Read about how it’s spreading through Hollywood like wildfire (Tiger Woods, Jesse James, etc.) and find out its implications on the DSM-V.

Anxiety and Eating Disorders

(Anxiety & OCD Exposed) – Another informative Q&A, this one is with clinical psychologist Dr. Brenda L. Wolfe who specializes in the treatment of obesity and eating disorders. This is a great comprehensive piece that will give you the 411 on various aspects of both types of disorders by answering pertinent questions such as, “If you have both anxiety and an eating disorder, what should you treat first?”