Watch where you’re sitting and don’t believe everything you’re hearing; it was April Fool’s Day yesterday! According to, in 1998 USA Today had a full page ad advertising Burger King’s latest burger for its 1.4 million left-handed customers. Would you believe a left-handed whopper? Customers lined up at Burger King to try the new burger, where the fast food restaurant had their condiments rotated to accommodate left-handers. Or how about the hoax that left French citizens cringing in horror when in 1986 their newspaper The Parisien reported that the Eiffel Tower would be moved to the Euro Disney theme park?

But don’t worry, there will be no foolery or hoax here, just really great blogs for the week. I’ve rounded up this week’s top 5 list for you to pick and choose. Happy reading!

The Trust Gap: Why People Are So Cynical

(World of Psychology) – The fact that this is one of our most popular posts says a lot. It may be a reflection of what the studies are showing-that people are cynical, believing others are untrustworthy and are selfishly motivated. How did we get here and what can we do about it? Guess you’ll have to check out this article to find out.

10 Ways to Bring Meaning into Your Life

(Mindfulness and Psychotherapy) – Everyone’s on a search for a meaningful life. Sometimes we get so lost in marking off items on our to-do list and busy rushing around doing errands that we never have the time to really experience life. Lucky for you and me, this post nicely ties in ten things we can do (most of which only takes five minutes or less) to begin to live more mindfully with the ultimate goal of bringing more meaning into our lives.

Too stressed to exercise? Better Think Again!

(ADHD in Focus) – Exercise is often a last priority. Yet, this article shows it should be our first. Yes we already know that exercise is good for the body, but did you know it’s pivotal for things like lowering the risk for developing dementia and may be as effective as antidepressants? Maybe that treadmill isn’t looking so bad after all!

Defining Eating Disorder Recovery: A Q&A with Expert Sarah Ravin

(Weightless) – “One never fully recovers from an ED.” What do you think? Is this true or false? There are a lot of misconceptions on eating disorder recovery. Expert Sarah Ravin jumps right into clarify statements like that one and provides pertinent information on things like how to silence the voice of ED. A must read for those hoping to uncover the issues and concerns of eating disorders and eating disorder recovery.

Blaming the Mentally Ill for Family Members’ Problems?

(Always Learning) – Labels have never helped anyone. And it certainly doesn’t help kids. In this thought-provoking post, labels like mentally ill are described as dehumanizing and as a scapegoat for other issues. It’s a great post that captures the importance of recognizing the harm both rigid roles and labels can do to families.