Well, we’re about to say goodbye to another year (and some would say, another decade). But I see the end of the year not so much about saying goodbye, but rather about saying hello to a new year and the opportunities it presents us.

Not to say it’s been a bad year for us here. Although Psych Central remains a small, independent company, 2009 has been our best year on record. We’ll be focused on significantly topping that in 2010. That’s what we like to do around here — continually challenge ourselves to ensure we’re publishing the highest quality, interesting and even sometimes-entertaining articles on mental health and psychology. And I have some exciting news I hope to share with you next week about something that I hope will help touch and change the lives of even more people who are affected by mental illness.

One of the things we hope to improve next year is how to help you connect with the right treatment provider for any given concern. Finding a therapist really isn’t like finding most other professionals, so we have plans to ensure the therapists we list on the site really are good therapists. And we hope to also better help people looking for immediate help online or over the phone through building upon our partnership with LivePerson.

Meanwhile, we’re already looking ahead to the online celebration of our 15th anniversary online in April. (Yes, we’re even older than Google or WebMD!)

But some of you are still focused on the here and now — as you should be! — and so we can’t but help notice that lots of people attend parties and New Year’s celebrations. We have some annual advice we like to share about that. They also like to make these crazy things called “resolutions.” So if you’re looking for our annual tips on how to keep a New Year’s resolution, we’ve got 6 tips to try and help you this year.

And next year marks a significant event in television history. This Emotional Life is a two-year outreach campaign anchored by a PBS series, in partnership with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, (airing January 4 – 6, 2010 — that’s this Monday) that examines the science behind our emotions, the challenges to our well-being, and the keys to happier lives. This groundbreaking, multi-platform endeavor is focused on emotional well-being and happiness, designed to help people foster stronger social relationships. Spearheaded by Allen’s Vulcan Productions, the project includes a three-part, nationally broadcast series on PBS, a dynamic and content-rich website, a national outreach campaign, and educational toolkits created to support two topics within this series which we felt required additional action. Learn more on their website: http://www.pbs.org/thisemotionallife/. I can’t wait to watch, so mark your calendars!