I’m pleased to announce the introduction of two new blogs here in the Psych Central family.

The first is from Leigh Pretnar Cousins, MS called Always Learning. Leigh is a private tutor and is studying in educational psychology. Although her blog will focus on the topic of educational psychology and learning, she believes these lessons are of value to all of us throughout life:

Every day my work teaches me some lesson that holds, not only for kids, but for all of us. I can hardly wait to share these things with you.

I’m excited to have this place to talk about learning and all its facets… Learning and school, learning and work, learning and emotions, learning and relationships, Learning and Life.

I agree. Learning doesn’t stop just because we don’t go to school any longer, and I look forward to reading her blog in the days and weeks to come.

Our second blog is called The Y Factor, which will talk about men, dating and the single life (from a woman’s perspective). Kate Nickerson (and others) will share her insights with us as she learns from her life experiences and psychotherapy:

I had no conscious realization how my life had been seriously screwed up by the way I related to men. So now I’m going to face the truth — deal with men in my life. Take the lessons and leave the negative memories in the past.

These lessons are what the “The Y Factor” will explore. From my father and grandfathers, to ex-boyfriends and bosses — all of the relationships with the men in my life will be dissected herein and my pithy insights revealed.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind our regular readers that we’re always looking for new bloggers and contributors here!

If you’re a mental health professional — especially a practicing clinician or researcher — and a writer (or someone who very much enjoys writing!), we’d love to talk to you. Drop us a line at:

blogs [at] psychcentral.com

We hope you enjoy these two new blogs!

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