It’s the first Friday in Fall, and what better way to celebrate a new season where change is in the air than to take a retro look back on some oldies but goodies?

10 Years Ago on Psych Central

  • Moving On

    Ten years ago, I resigned from my position at the large mental health site I co-founded in 1995 (not this one!), and took up with, an e-health site founded by the former Surgeon General of the U.S., to help them build their mental health content. This was my first big startup experience, and I couldn’t have picked a better company to watch implode shortly after its IPO. I also moved from Columbus, Ohio to Austin, Texas, a big geographic and cultural change. Austin, Texas remains one of my favorite towns to visit, though, as it’s pretty much the antithesis of Columbus (and the rest of Texas as well!).

5 Years Ago on Psych Central

  • Knowing When to Call It Quits in Psychotherapy

    Five years ago I wrote this three-part series to help you understand when it’s time to call it quits in psychotherapy. After all, therapy wasn’t meant to last your lifetime (at least most forms of modern psychotherapy). The series covers understanding the ground rules and expectations in psychotherapy, recognizing the signs that it may be time to leave, and how to make a clean, emotionally-healthy break.

1 Year Ago on Psych Central

  • Facebook Scams of Narcissists

    Guest blogger, Samuel L√≥pez De Victoria, Ph.D., wrote a provocative entry describing research that showed, unsurprisingly, narcissists are drawn to social networking websites like Facebook. Is it any wonder? Your Facebook page is a universe centered solely upon you and all that you’re doing.

  • Is the Research Any Good?

    Need help interpreting the results of a psychological research study? This short crib sheet, meant for consumers, helps you make sense of such scientific research in down-to-earth terms. While greatly simplified, it can nonetheless help you spot the studies that aren’t as rigorous or generalizable (and may be biased).