You know summer’s on its way when it starts heating up here in New England, so what better time to flash back to some classic posts from the Psych Central archives?

10 Years Ago on Psych Central

  • Becoming Stuck Online
    In this classic post, I rant about the world of Internet mental health moving at a glacier’s pace, compared to the world of Internet technologies and services. I also allude to my moving on from the founding of Mental Health Net to take a short-lived position with the doomed Internet startup, I wrote then, “My goal is to pursue and push others to explore the positive uses and effects of the Internet,” and never has that been more true than today. The Internet has opened so many doors for so many people, I still enjoy talking about all the pro-social ways people are using this technology in ways never even imagined in 1999.

5 Years Ago on Psych Central

  • Teenagers reach out via weblogs
    As blogging started to enter into the mainstream consciousness (yes, only 5 years ago), some researchers already started expressing concern about their use by teens. And as we’ve seen since that time, teens’ “oversharing” online can indeed become a problem for them (especially when it comes to those embarrassing or X-rated photos).
  • Sex Therapy On Call (and Online!)
    Who knew that you could do sex therapy online? Well, five years ago, The Washington Post explored this topic and we noted it as part of a growing and potentially interesting trend and part of e-therapy.

1 Year Ago on Psych Central

  • Forgo the Brain Training, Drugs, Vitamins & Meditation and Just Get Some Exercise
    A year ago, I noted the controversy surrounding the brain training industry, insomuch that the “brain training” research wasn’t all that robust. PsyBlog had the original story, and Sharp Brains, the self-proclaimed “brain fitness authority,” was none too happy with our coverage and opinions in the matter. Yeah, why let science get in the way of a lucrative market? Time to revisit soon.
  • 10 Myths of Mental Illness
    A classic post by any definition, if you ever wondered what the top 10 myths about mental health and mental illness are, this is the post for you.
  • Wyeth’s Dr. Phil Ninan on Pristiq
    I had the opportunity to interview Wyeth’s VP of Medical Affairs to talk about the then-new antidepressant Pristiq, and the post has ended up becoming a support group for those looking for advice and help in switching over to Pristiq from Effexor (Pristiq’s predecessor), and how to safely get off of either Effexor or Pristiq. Probably not what Wyeth had in mind.