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Green and Environment

It’s Possible to Nurture Yourself and Mother Nature

Midweek Mental Greening

Last week, I told you about a Boston Globe article that discussed the negative mental health effects global warming is having on some people, and promised you some tips on how to deal with those kinds of effects – whether the issue is global warming, poverty, animal rights or any other matter that has you upset.

Check them out below.

Take action and get involved.

As I mentioned last week, sitting around and...
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Depression Peeking Over The Cliff

Anyone who's had depression even once has to be aware of it creeping into their lives once more. Will it hit like a ton of bricks? Will it slide in from the back door? Everyone's experiences are probably different, and particular to their patterns and diagnosis. One thing's for sure. It's still out there.

This isn't meant to scare you, making you fearful of the slightest bad mood or sad feeling....
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9 Ways That Humor Heals

Of all my tools to combat depression and negativity, humor is by far the most fun. And just like mastering the craft of writing, I'm finding that the longer I practice laughing at life—and especially its frustrations--the better I become at it, and the more situations and conversations and complications I can place into that category named "silly."

G. K. Chesterton once wrote: "Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly." And Proverbs...
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Having Problems Means Being Alive

You bet I was upset, and I let the store manager know it: the priceless reels of our old home movies, dating back more than fifty years, had been lost. Uncle Jack, Aunt Minna, Grandpa, and the cousins, gathered round the sizzling grille of my childhood summers -- all lost. My wife and I had taken the film to a local pharmacy, which was supposed to have sent it...
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