I’ll be taking a few days off, so while I’m away, I thought you might enjoy some of these oldies but goodies!

10 Years Ago on Psych Central

  • Mental Health Care is Available in Varied Forms
    Ten years ago, I wrote about the various forms or types of treatments available to treat mental illness and mental health related issues. It’s a good primer on what to expect from different modalities, like outpatient care versus going to a private psychiatric hospital or the like.

5 Years Ago on Psych Central

  • August 2003 Blog Entry
    You know it’s a slow news cycle when I was blogging about the rise of bachelorette parties — and the researchers who study them. “Dr. Beth Montemurro, assistant professor of sociology at Penn State’s Abington Campus, has interviewed more than 50 women and personally attended many bachelorette parties in an attempt to determine what significance that bachelorette parties — especially those containing sexually charged themes — have for them.” I love that part where she “personally attended” many of them. Nothing like first-hand research, right?

1 Year Ago on Psych Central

  • Health 2.0 in The Economist
    I discussed this article that helps to dismantle the Health 2.0 hype machine. With the inevitable sale of Revolution Health to one of its competitors, it seems that this particular bubble is about to burst. I say it’s about time.
  • TV & ADHD
    While watching television doesn’t cause ADHD, researchers did find a significant correlation with watching TV and being diagnosed with ADHD as a child (ages 5 to 11). The reason? The researchers speculated that “rapid scene changes influence brain development and television replaced other activities like reading — activities that require attention development.” An important research finding worth repeating — limit your child’s television time every day.