When we think about teens and young adults, we often think about how much they worry about their popularity amongst their friends and others at high school or such. I think society often emphasizes the importance of “popularity” with TV shows that show how much fun it is to be a part of the “in crowd.”

But new research we reported on today suggests that such self-perception is possibly more important for feeling good about yourself and your social status amongst your friends than how popular you really are. You can be the biggest loser in high school, but if you think you’re cool, it doesn’t matter to your own sense of self-esteem and happiness.

Which only goes to show you that its not really popularity that matters so much as how good we feel about ourselves and our own achievements, no matter where we rank.

Self-esteem comes from feeling good about yourself and your own accomplishments and not comparing yourself with others. The less you can compare yourself to others, the happier you’ll be in almost any setting — from school, to work, to “getting ahead” in life.

Life lessons worth learning at any age.

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