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Does your child’s anger consistently erupt into violence?

Last night 20/20 aired an almost entire episode about “Anger in America”. The television show spent a good bit of time attempting to dispel myths the general public believes about anger and the best way of dealing with it. However, one part of the show that hit pretty close to home with me was the portion on kids and anger. How do you deal with your child when they are so angry that they become physically aggressive to other...
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Brain and Behavior

Five Tips to Bust Job Burnout

Virtually everyone will face the prospect of job burnout at one point. Whether you're an office worker or a carpenter, a salesperson or a doctor, job burnout occurs when we become dissatisfied with and overwhelmed by our current job and can't really identify what's wrong. We've gathered together five tips to help identify possible problems and some quick solutions that may help you better bust job burnout.

1. Combat boredom

A lot of people get bored with their jobs, plain...
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An Analysis of Not Publishing Negative Drug Studies

Last week, the New England Journal of Medicine published a ground-breaking analysis of what gets published and what doesn't when it comes to a drug's effectiveness. The study specifically looked at antidepressants, a very commonly prescribed drug in mental health treatment.

We examined the study after its publication and agreed that there are significant issues that must be addressed in the disclosure and publication of drug studies. Some steps have already been undertaken individually by drug companies, but they should all be required to...
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A Night of Shock Horror

We've written previously about the incredible story of a former patient being able to get the staff at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC) to apply electrical shock to two of its current patients. Any safeguards the Center had in place to prevent such a tragedy apparently were not operating that night. We also noted in the comments how the Center destroyed videotape evidence relating to an investigation of the incident, against the direction of the investigator.

A few days ago, The Boston Globe...
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Will January 21st be the “Most Depressing Day of the Year”?

Dr. Cliff Arnall based his findings that January 21st will be the most depressing day on a special formula that he developed, which takes into account 3 factors; the weather, failed new years resolutions and consumer debt from holiday spending. However, a writer over at the Time website has findings of his own.

Bill Tancer, a columnist at Time, believes that in order to get a better estimation of what the most depressing day is we only have to look to search...
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Former state hospital patients are subject of an exhibit and book

A recent post on The Wall Street Journal’s health blog is a review of “The lives they left behind: Suitcases from a state hospital attic”, which is now on display at the New York Public library through the month of January. The display features items left behind from patients who stayed at Willard State hospital, a former psychiatric hospital which closed its doors finally in 1995. According to the blog post, some 50,000 patients were treated at Willard hospital during...
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Friday Flashback for January 18, 2008

Hey, hey! Welcome to our first Friday Flashback on the new year! Never too late to celebrate is our motto, and celebrate we shall. We're now in our 13th year on the Web and 16th year online, and we're rarin' to get it started!!

10 Years Ago on Psych CentralChoices: How Do You Make Them?
Ten years ago, I was faced with a big decision in my life (although I didn't talk about the specifics at the time)... To leave a long-term, serious relationship, or...
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The Cause of Schizophrenia Remains Unclear

For all of the money, energy and focus that has gone into gene studies on schizophrenia, two findings this week call into question much of that effort.

The first one has been widely reported yesterday, Parasite May Lead to Schizophrenia. The parasite? Good 'ole toxoplasma gondii, a common organism carried by carried by cats and farm animals. In most cases, the parasite is harmless (except for pregnant women, who have long been taught to avoid handling cat litter when pregnant).

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