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Army Suicides Up 20%

Two stories out this week suggest that you have a lot more to worry about than just getting shot at by the enemy in today's Army.

Today, the Army reported that suicides for 2007 jumped 20% over the previous year, up to 121 soldiers. CNN has the story:

Internal briefing papers prepared by the Army's psychiatry consultant earlier this month show there were 89 confirmed suicides last year and 32 deaths that are suspected suicides and still under investigation.

More than a quarter of the...
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Is Having Depression or Bipolar an Advantage?

Philip over at Furious Seasons has a great interview with author Tom Wootton about his two books, The Depression Advantage (2007) and The Bipolar Advantage (2005). These are two self-help books that use "accelerated learning techniques [the author] developed as a corporate consultant to Fortune 500 companies" (according to the Amazon blurb). The Amazon reviews are worth the read, as some readers have some reservations about the author.

It's an interesting interview and the author makes a very important point...
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Is Autism Caused by a Vaccine Additive? No

Tonight, ABC will air the first episode of a new legal drama called Eli Stone. And what better way to make a drama riveting than to suggest that a debunked theory about the cause of autism is actually true?

In the episode, a fictitious vaccine additive called mercuritol acts as a stand-in for the real thing -- thimerosal, a preservative commonly used in childhood vaccines before 1999. In that year, the largely removed thimerosal from the market after concerns arose about the amount...
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Burned-Out on Your Marriage or Relationship?

Last week, I wrote an article about job burn-out, and some tips to help cope with it. This week I was going to write an article about marriage burn-out, but I didn't bother because someone else already did in yesterday's Washington Post!

While the Washington Post article by Abigail Trafford focuses mostly on long marriages, I think one can have that "burned out" feeling doing anything for even just 5 or 6 years, much less 20...
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A Love Letter to ECT

We have a lot of respect for James Potash, a well-known researcher from Johns Hopkins who has made his career by studying the genetic basis of mood disorders and schizophrenia and possible overlaps.

So we were a little saddened to see him write this love letter to ECT, over at ABC News. We don't doubt that ECT has helped many, many people over the years, and, that as a treatment of last resort for people with serious, chronic depression, it is relatively...
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Nine Reasons to Get Psychotherapy

When is it time to consider psychotherapy? is a great article written by Karen Rogers, MFCC. Sometimes people don't seek professional help because of stigma and stereotypes, like that a belief it's only for seriously ill people. Rogers explains what psychotherapy is (for example, that it doesn't provide answers but helps you reach your own) and suggests nine reasons to consider it.

A major life event like a breakup, death, financial crisis or an accident will cause distress - which is totally...
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Sermo, One Post at a Time

Sermo prides itself on offering a secure and private platform for its physician members. We previously discussed how weak their authentication model was, making it easy for anyone to grab an account and crash the doctors' party. Because this model was in place for most of their first 25,000 members, it's unclear how many of their members actually are physicians.

But after blowing through $39M worth of funding, they still seem focused on poking holes in the privacy of their own closed community.

We popped...
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Questions About ADHD Treatment’s Effectiveness

A longitudinal study was published last month looking at attention deficit disorder (ADHD). Surprisingly, there are actually very few studies on ADHD that follow a set of people diagnosed with the concern over a number of years, so anytime one of these studies gets published, it's big news.

The study also found that in populations where medication is rarely prescribed to treat ADHD, the prevalence and symptoms of the disorder are roughly equivalent to populations in which medication is widely used:

Researchers also found surprising...
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Dalai Lama inspires depression prevention technique

Today while looking at , I came across interesting new alternative technique for the prevention of depression called “Compassion Meditation”. The method was inspired by Tibetan Buddhists, specifically the Dalai Lama, who is now an associate professor at Emory University in Atlanta where the new meditation process is being studied.

Dr. Charles Raison, of Emory University, says the idea behind compassion meditation is that “our perceptions of other people are flawed” and that “we tend naturally to see some...
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