In the videos, the man, Dale Shankins, describes his illnesses and various treatments he has tried over the past eleven years to deal with his Bipolar disorder. Prior to this year, Dale says he has had about thirty ECT sessions over the course of his illness and feels that overall it has been the most beneficial of all the treatments he has tried.

I watched several of Dale’s videos and found the majority of them to be pretty informative. For example, in the day two video Dale talks about how the ECT of today is different from the ECT of the past and about how ECT is negatively portrayed in the media and movies such as “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Also in the day two video; Dale describes exactly how ECT is delivered today and how he feels after the treatments. Mr. Shankins states that the level of discomfort he experiences from ECT treatments is about that of a teeth cleaning at the dentist. Most days, Dale describes the after affects of his ECT as being grogginess and headaches along with being tired for the remainder of the day.

These videos should definitely be on your must-see list if you are considering ECT. Dale takes questions from the public, so if you are curious about this process, just drop him a line.