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Man with Bipolar uses YouTube to document ECT experiences

In the videos, the man, Dale Shankins, describes his illnesses and various treatments he has tried over the past eleven years to deal with his Bipolar disorder. Prior to this year, Dale says he has had about thirty ECT sessions over the course of his illness and feels that overall it has been the most beneficial of all the treatments he has tried.

I watched several of Dale’s videos and found the majority of them to be pretty informative. For...
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Cymbalta Still Good For Pain?

In the past ten days, a few different blog entries have been written calling our attention to a meta-analysis that suggests perhaps Cymbalta (duloxotine) -- a newer antidepressant -- isn't as good as the company claims it is for the physical symptoms of pain associated with depression.

But, as regular readers of World of Psychology know, a single study does not a conclusion make. Not even a meta-analysis.

The new meta-analysis, conducted by Glen Spielmans, included only five of...
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When is a tantrum not just a tantrum?

While most children occasionally exhibit tempter-tantrums, researchers warn that parents may want to be especially vigilant of certain types of tantrums. A recent study finds specific types of tantrum behaviors which appear to be connected to depression or disruptive disorders in children ages three to six.

The researchers, out of the Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis, examined tantrum behavior in 279 children, of which a portion was already diagnosed with mental health problems. Their study, published in the...
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Depression, Heart Attacks and CBT Homework

Doctors have long known that depression is a common side effect of a heart attack (or an "acute myocardial infarction" if you want to get technical).

And why wouldn't it be? A person who just has suffered from a heart attack has just had their life flash before their eyes. Literally, given the morbidity numbers for a heart attack are around 15% without immediate treatment (like statins). That means around 1 in 7 people or so could die from a heart attack. It's a...
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Last-Minute Positive Psych Gifts

Holiday shopping season is now reaching its climax. Instead of being stressed at the mall, though, here are some gifts you can buy online that also benefit mental health for the recipient, using concepts from positive psychology.

Kathryn Britton wrote a great article on giving gifts to enhance mental health. She describes three key areas: "The Pleasant Life — savoring and basking, The Engaged Life — intense involvement in worthwhile activities, and The Meaningful Life — living in service of something...
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