Primary Sources in Counseling and Psychology is a new database containing 40,000 pages of indexed transcripts of 2,000 counseling and psychotherapy sessions from mid-twentieth century to today. Combine searches and analyze patterns.

Questions like the following can be answered quickly and easily:

–Give me instances of the word “drink” in clients afflicted with PTSD
–Show me transcripts of sessions treating post-traumatic stress disorder in war veterans
–Show me all narratives since 1980 discussing the experience of electro-convulsive therapy
–Find all uses of the word “numb” in accounts of loss or grief
–Show me casebook studies of treatment of anorexia nervosa in teenage boys

Hours and hours of narratives with clients of all kinds, and many types of therapy including CBT, person-centred, existential and more. They’re offering a free preview to professionals. Primary (first person) accounts include this harrowing passage:

“There can be no greater suffering than the state of mind I find myself in at present. I am sane enough to know that I’m no longer sane. Somewhere, somehow, I am being dragged over a line, a line that never even existed for me until now…Everyone is on the other side of an impenetrable glass…I am terrified, beyond any understanding and not understanding leaves me in a state of paralyzing panic. I can’t move in any direction. I am afraid that if I turn my head, even a little, I will see my horrible terrors and they will overwhelm me. My mind is dying and I want to die with it.” –Barbara Field Benzinger, The Prison of My Mind (1969)