Reader Hank Roberts left some terrific comments on my earlier post about light and dark and how they affect sleep and bipolar cycles. Light is used as treatment [free reg req’d], and Hank and his wife recovered from insomnia and Seasonal Affective Disorder after changing indoor lighting to amber LEDs and low-blue compact flourescents instead of the glaring blue high UV CFLs commonly sold. He shared lots of links to lighting sources and . Many comply with Florida environmental conservation law about outdoor lights and sea turtles who, like humans, need to avoid blue light after dusk (baby sea turtles must swim towards the moon and not toward lights on the shore).

One quick, easy and inexpensive way is using gels made to colour theatrical and film lights. Rosco manufactures gel sheets 24 x 12 for under $7.00 US. You can find amber gels at film supply retailers off and online, then cut them to whatever size and shape you need to cover fluorescent tubes, and your computer monitor. Neat that a little thing that helps produce big entertainment is also helpful in changing your mood, alleviate depression and avoid stimulating mania, and sleep cycles, at home.

Hank shared lots more info about lighting than I can fit in one blog post, so for more details read all of the comments. One important brief one:

NOTE, there are a lot of states (California) and countries (Australia) proposing to get rid of incandescent lights and push compact fluorescents.

Be afraid.

Agreed. Thank you, Hank!