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SSRIs Lower Child Suicide Rates

There is much kerfuffle over the slight risk of increased suicidality in some people who take SSRI antidepressants (Prozac, Paxil, Celexa, etc.), but here's a study about the other side of that coin.

Demographic and prescribing data from counties across America show that areas with...
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Mental Illness Stigma in England

Over the past year the British government and several organizations have launched a large-scale effort to aid those suffering with psychological problems. The effort has included government money for community mental health centers and recently a TV campaign on reducing stigma. A recent BBC story cited some stigma statistics in the UK and also links to one of the new television ads.
One in four people will experience mental health problems. "See me", which launches a new TV ad campaign on Monday,...
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Alternative Depression Treatments

There are routinely stories in the press about depression treatments that are alternative to psychotherapy and medication. The CBC has an interetsing story giving an overview of some of these, and makes discussion points about how things like aromatherapy, massage, and exercise can have significant effects for mild depression, but that some of the research evidence is limited.
But increasingly, people are also looking for non-pharmacologic relief of illness, including depression. Unfortunately, according to Marsh, the evidence to support the effectiveness of alternative therapies...
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Mental Health Care On Trial

Can the court system save the mental health system? Two recent judicial rulings in Michigan and Florida, and a pending trial in California, may be signposts in the quest to reform mental health care.

Prisons have become the de facto mental health care system as nearly a third of America's psychiatric hospital beds have been closed since 1995. Patients can't get care and go untreated, become homeless, self-medicate, and turn to garbage bins and petty crimes to survive. Many of those crimes,...
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Advance Holiday Tips for Families

WebMD published a list of things family members of people with bipolar disorders (applies to other severe mental illness as well) can do to make the holiday season smooth and incident-free for everyone. The list includes:

Be direct. This is by far the most important suggestion when helping a loved with bipolar disorder. Don't just guess at how you can help; sit down and talk with your loved one. Ask what you can do. Ask how you can check in on them without being...
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ADHD on the Job

There are constant media articles about ADHD overdiagnosis, underdiagnosis, drug effects, and behavior, but very few that tackle the actual experience of someone struggling to overcome the disorder. The Philadelphia Inquirer had such a story yesterday, which focused on adults and strategies they use to live highly productive and successful lives. They range from hiring a personal coach to using modern technology to keep from forgetting things. The article avoids the controversial points of the diagnosis for adults but does present some interesting...
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