Are people really born gay? To what degree can we ‘choose’ our sexuality? Research that’s been carried out into the biological basis of sexuality recently hit the headlines. What role does hormone exposure in the womb really play? Can homosexuality be adaptive from an evolutionary perspective? Where did sexologist Alfred Kinsey go wrong, and what impact has this had on the way we view our sexual orientation?

Sourcing Sexuality features geneticist Sven Bocklandt, psychobiologist Qazi Rahman, and gay activist and sociologist Jeffrey Weeks discussing the latest. If you can’t be at the Dana Centre’s d.café in London on July 18, there will be a live webcast of the event.

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The Dana Centre UK also offers an extensive video webcast archive that includes:

  • Read My Lips – Can You Hear Me? Surrounded by the constant barrage of noise, how do our ears and brain process hearing? What other facial cues do we rely on for the free flow of conversation? And how do people who cannot hear communicate?
  • Van Gogh: Method in his madness? It has long been thought that there is a fine line between creativity and insanity. Great artists such as Van Gogh and Michelangelo suffered from mental illness, but does it really aid creativity? Is madness the only way to true originality?
  • Drugs and the Brain: Pills to make you normal Drugs can be used to change the brain’s chemistry to make people more ‘normal’, but what effect do they have on people’s personalities? Do they benefit the individual, or society, enabling those on drugs to fit in? Join our panel for a discussion.