The Mental Health Foundation has just released a report called Feeding Minds about nutrition and the brain, and have posted recipes for mental health on their web site.

Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson contributed two recipes, including a fabulous tuna nicoise, and said, “This research really has the potential to affect people’s lives. People can take it or leave it but everybody should be made aware that the foods they eat have the potential to affect their moods, emotions and concentration levels. It can only be a good thing that more people know about this. It makes sense that the foods a person eats will affect the how well their brain functions – the brain is part of the body just like the heart or stomach.”

Some of the recipes include a brain boosting smoothie, smoked salmon with yogurt and dill, tofu Thai stirfry, tortilla topped with spinach and cheese, turkey and red onion wraps, and puy lentils with goats cheese and roast vegetables. This medicine tastes good!