Pardon if I do a little venting. I just came across a news article, Sicko jailed 14 years. Excuse me?! Couldn’t a newspaper editor have come up with a better title instead of using the word “Sicko”?!?! This saddens me. I like to try and think that the news media will have respect for all individuals, regardless of what happens and non-judgmental. Evidently, this newspaper doesn’t, and has no respect for people with mental health issues either. I totally agree that what the man did was wrong–BUT using the word “Sicko” to describe someone in a news article is itself, sickening. Unless an article is specifically labeled an editorial opinion, I see no reason to allow such degrading terms to be used. Stick to the facts, Editors.

PS: I did post an email comment to the newspaper, and here is a summary of his reply: “…yes, we will be quite judgmental, thank you.”