People in the military probably thought they’d heard every excuse possible for getting out of service. Some would fake an injury. Others might refuse as conscientious objectors. Mental illness is not uncommon either, but blaming the Internet has to win points for originality.

According to an international news report, a number of Finnish conscripts have been excused before their full term ended because they couldn’t handle the time away from the Web. It should be noted that the compulsory length of time these young men are required to spend in the forces is six months. If less than a year offline puts them into such a state, they must be Internet addicts. Right?

I was quoted in a news story about this issue (no longer online, sadly)… about Internet addiction, a theorized new disorder about people spending too much time online. Hey, people spend too much time doing a lot of things that interfere with their normal functioning, but do we have to label every overuse behavior with its own name?!?