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How to Quit the Holistic Way

This long but interesting article describes several holistic therapies including yoga, massage, accupuncture, nutrition, and others, and how they may help treat drug or alcohol addictions, eating disorders, stress or even smoking.

When addressing an addiction, all holistic techniques begin with the same...
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Mothers born in summer have fewer children

Girls born in the summer have fewer children as adults than women born at other times of the year, according to researchers. A study of more than 3,000 Austrian women suggests a woman's birthday influences her reproductive performance.

A range of factors such as climate, light, and nutrition could explain why women born in June, July and August are apparently less fertile than those with other birthdays. Dr Susanne Huber of the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna said more research needed to be...
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Distracted Young Women May Need More Iron

Young women who have trouble concentrating might just need more iron in their diets, researchers say. Women in the Penn State study who were iron-deficient performed significantly worse on memory and attention tests than healthy women, and an iron supplement was all it took to correct the problem. ``We were able to bring it right back to normal, back to the level of the iron-sufficient women,'' said Laura Murray-Kolb, a Penn State nutritional researcher....
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J&J Warned on Claims About Antipsychotic Drug

regulators have warned Johnson & Johnson unit Janssen Pharmaceutica that a letter sent to doctors about its Risperdal drug to treat schizophrenia and bipolar mania is misleading. In a warning disclosed on Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration told Janssen that its November letter failed to disclose information added to Risperdal's labeling about excess blood sugar and diabetes and minimized the risk of serious events including coma and even death. The FDA also said the letter fails to recommend regular testing...
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Prozac Affects Babies, Sexual Function, Report Says

One of the most popular antidepressants, best known by the brand name Prozac, can affect the development of babies when pregnant women take the drug, according to a government report released on Tuesday. Normal doses can cause babies to be born lighter and sleepier than normal, or make them jittery or cause respiratory problems, the panel appointed by the National Toxicology Program said. "These effects appear to result more readily from in utero exposure late in gestation," the report, issued for...
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