Does your cat have ADHD? While its not contagious, it is genetic. How much do you really know about where your kitten came from?

Here are the signs to look for if you think your cat has ADHD.

1) Shes old but runs around like a kitten

I often think of ADHD as the fountain of youth. Ever notice how many people with ADHD act, think, and often look younger than their years?

If your cats running around like a kitten even though shes a senior citizen, she might have ADHD.

2) Cuddling has to be her choice, not yours

Every time I relax in a comfy chair or sprawl on my loveseat, inevitably my cat finds me and jumps on my lap. On the other hand, if I pick her up, she acts like Im torturing her.

To get the most out of your ADHD cat or ADHD human, let us do something freely chosen that were passionate about. Like eat salmon.

3) She has rapid mood swings

Whom among us has not been lulled into a false sense of security by the motor-like idling of our cats purr as she lavishes in our heartfelt outpouring of affection only to suddenly receive a swift, full-clawed swat, leaving us bloodied and betrayed?

The mood-swing Queen hath struck again.

Sound like any ADHDers you know? (mood swings and irritability are common in both men and women with ADHD).

4) Shes impulsive

Behaviors #2 and #3 could be due to impulsivity, common to cats and ADHD humans.

Have you suddenly walked away in the middle of a conversation? Has your ADHD spouse? And how many times have you been talking to your cat only to have her leap off the couch and go to another room? (or have I said too much with the “talking to your cat” bit?)

5) Shes an addict

People with ADHD are at higher risk for addictions. Ever notice how your cat craves the cheap junk cat food but turns her nose up at the all-natural, organic kibble that cost you an arm and a leg? While you think about your answer, pass the chips.

6) She sleeps all day

Many folks with ADHD have trouble sleeping at night and, if left to their own devices, would far rather sleep all day and prowl all night. Nuff said.

7) Shes charming, endearing, funny (sometimes)

We ADHDers might have our less endearing traits, but often were noted for our wit, charm, and sense of humor. Note I said often, but not always. Now consider your cat.

8) She loves the outdoors

Not all cats love the outdoors. Not all people with ADHD love the outdoors. But many of us do. A word of warning: if you let us out, chances are good well get lost or wander away. Best to tie a bell around our necks.

9) She hyperfocuses

Ever watch a cat watch a mouse? Thats hyperfocus elevated to an art form.

10) She lacks self-awareness

Your cat thinks shes the queen of the household, perhaps of the known universe.

Your cat thinks staring at you unrelentingly will get you to feed her 20 times a day.

Your cat thinks its ok to lie on whatever youre doing, interrupting you and disrupting your flow.

There may be zero chance your cat will understand that you and she interpret these behaviors differently; but if you have ADHD, you can learn that some of your behaviors are seen differently by others.

For example: that funny joke you busted into your co-workers office to share? She was on the phone.

Not so funny.

* * * * *

ADHD in your cat may not be treatable. In you, its highly treatable.

While youll want to make the most of the good traits (like your adorableness and keen ability to think outside the litter box), youll also want to curb your nighthawk, thrill-seeking, or risk-taking behavior.

We wouldnt want you prowling around in the alleys, now would we?