So, I’m hearing from some of my acquaintances that they’re having trouble concentrating.

And some of them are neuro-typicals. And I’m wondering how I should react to that.

The smirk doesn’t seem to go over really well. It’s usually met with nastiness and a, “What’s that look for?” kind of reaction.

The people I know with ADHD that are saying this are not saying it a lot more than they used to, but their tone tells me something is up.

What is it?

I suspect they, we, are noticing, perhaps not a greater lack of concentration, but a different resonance to it, a subtle change in the quality of our lack. We are, after all the connoisseurs of lack of concentration.

No two deprivations are the same, so to speak. Our lack of concentration is usually due to the horridness of whatever we are required to concentrate on. But now we’ve added to that the constant and recurring realization that times are changed.

I cannot tell you

The number of times I’ve thought, “I’ll just go out and get a coffee.” or, “I should gather a bunch of my friends together to discuss that.”

In all honesty, under normal circumstances I’d think those things but never follow through.

But now I think it and immediately think, “Damn, I can’t.” and now I suddenly want to very badly.

Back to concentration

To be fair, I couldn’t concentrate before the pandemic. I work from home and I’m all, “We should go out for dinner tonight.” and my partner is like, “Uh … pandemic?” and I’m all, “Oh, right. That’s still on, eh?”

And part of that is my fault, I’ve found it much easier to work if I just pretend everything is normal and I’m not going anywhere because I hate going out.

The problem with that pretense, of course, is that, while I don’t like to have to interact with people, I’ve made a habit of doing so jovially and it’s gotten to the point where I seem to enjoy myself. In other words, I hate to go out, but I really kind of love to go out. With a passion. Like it’s my all time favorite thing. Especially for food. With people. I know. It’s crazy, right?

I guess what I’m trying to tell you all is …

Apparently there’s a pandemic on.

And it is affecting our ADHD lives.

But because it’s us, it isn’t affecting them in the way one might expect.

Yes. We are complicated.

I’d like the fish, please. Oh … right ….