You think I forgot that thing because I don’t care, right?

Don’t assume you know me.

You think I don’t remember your name because I don’t find you interesting.

But that isn’t the most likely reason I can’t remember your name.

In fact it’s more likely that I was so focused on the interesting aspects of you that the label that is your name just went in one ear and out the other.

You think I can’t get things done because I can’t concentrate.

Well, guess what?

I can concentrate, but this boring stuff you think I should do is not interesting enough to keep my attention, even if it does have to get done.

There are things that are as interesting as a circus to me and just because they aren’t right here and right now does not mean they are not available for thought in my quick and agile mind.

That’s right!

I said agile. My mind does tricks that others can only dream of. Or maybe they can’t even do that, I don’t know. I can’t see inside their heads any more than they can see inside mine.

But I can tell you how mine works if you care to listen.

Out of sight may be out of mind for the neuro-typical, but that just tells me they maybe don’t have the ability to imagine the way I do.

3D quadraphonic surround imagination …

… sometimes with panic-vision. Yes, that’s also true. I’m not always just thinking about riding bikes and building nuclear reactors in coffee cans, I spend a lot of time worrying.

And you may think that I’m worrying about the things you think I get wrong, but I worry more about the things I may be missing.

Every day I say things that may have been said without a full appreciation of the context of the moment. Every day I do things and discover afterwards that there were additional aspects to the situation I did not consider.

Often …

In fact, very often those things don’t matter. Sometimes they do and there’s trouble.

But the weird thing is that neither the ones that didn’t matter, nor the ones that did, are the ones that worry me.

I worry because I am convinced that there were things I missed that did matter, that everyone saw, everyone noticed, everyone knew about, everyone but me. And I worry that I am still unaware. That the missed thing is hiding in plain sight and I will be fired, called out, marched through town to the public stockade and humiliated for my complete ignorance.

Did you know that about me?

I’m betting you thought I was just thinking about cartoons when I was supposed to be doing this mind numbing thing at work, didn’t you?

Well, okay, you’re partly right.

I was doing that too.

I told you my mind was agile.