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Achieving Harmony through Mindfulness

sunset ocean meditation“Amélie has a strange feeling of absolute harmony. It’s a perfect moment. A soft light, a scent in the air, the quiet murmur of the city.”

Harmony is beautiful and intimate. It might be the moment that your mouth bites into a piece of rich chocolate cake. It could be your newborn’s hand wrapped around your index finger. The swooshing of cars driving by at night, or the tapping of rainfall on a window. It is a string of occurrences that seem to be coming together perfectly at a particular moment in time.

How often do you feel absolute harmony?

Mindfulness is necessary to feel harmonious moments. Practicing mindfulness allows the flow of harmony to be felt. When the mind is traveling to the past, dwelling on the ‘what was,’ or worrying over the future and the ‘what ifs,’ it will often miss out on the ‘what is.’

We live in a noisy world full of distractions, whether it is the physical noise of traffic and people, or the noise of the seemingly inescapable technological world. This can cause the idea of mindfulness to seem trivial or impossible.

However, mindfulness can be practiced at any moment — sipping your coffee, taking a shower, or playing dolls with your child. When we do this, we are also teaching our children to be mindful, and that their presence is meaningful to you.

Our minds today are driven to multitask. With smartphones and iPads, we can. We can sit on our phone and fold laundry next to our child, who is doing his homework and eating dinner with the television on in the background. The mind is accepting and adapting to this amount of input and can often become cluttered.

This is how stress and being mentally and physically overwhelmed manifests as other draining and harmful symptoms. Practicing mindfulness allows the brain to slow down, de-clutter, and be peacefully present.

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be practiced every moment of the day. It can be one minute of your day until you become more comfortable and self-aware. Whichever moment you choose it to be, fully embrace that moment and be present. Allow your thoughts to pass by as if they are credits on a movie screen, or clouds in the sky.

Pay attention to what you feel, what you can see, noises you hear, food or drink you taste, and any scent you can smell. Your mind can time travel, so let your body and your senses be an anchor back into the present.

Achieving Harmony through Mindfulness

Kristi A. DeName

Kristi A. DeName, LMHC is a NYS licensed mental health counselor, biofeedback specialist, and is EMDR level II trained. Kristi's primary approach is neurobehavioral combined with a mindfulness and trauma-informed approach that applies to various physical and mental health concerns in both children and adults.

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