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5 Reasons Your Fear of Change is a Waste of Time

Change is anxiety-provoking and exciting all at the same time. We get anxious about the unknown and how change may affect our lives. On the other hand, we get excited about what the future might bring.

Living in a society in which change is revered doesn’t help. We are told to be “change agents” and expected to be constantly looking for novel approaches to ideas. Unfortunately, those more hesitant about change can often feel left behind.

In the past year, my life has been quite busy and full of new experiences. I’ve moved to a new state, resigned from a job that I had for six years, and began my new life as blogger. It’s been a year of learning to “roll with the punches” of life. In fact, I make it my goal to make a major life change every few years.

But what do you do if you are immobilized by the fear of change? If you have allowed fear to dictate your life, forgive yourself. Making friends with fear takes time. Maybe you decided not to pursue a promotion at work for fear it might bring on new roles and responsibilities. Maybe you didn’t start the business you’ve been dreaming of for fear of having to transition from employee to employer. If you’re fretting over embarking on new endeavors, take heed.

Here are a few reasons you might be wasting your time trying to block change:

  • Change happens whether you like it or not.
    Let’s face it: Life will happen. Life keeps moving in spite of our fears. In general, we don’t have much say over what may come our way. Some things, such as natural disasters, are simply out of our control. Once you remember that you cannot control everything, you begin to relax. Focus on developing mastery over what you can control.
  • Change is a necessary component for growth.
    Is your fear of change blocking your path to growth? Resistance to the unknowns in life can lead to depression. Deep down, we know that we are not living up to our fullest potential. We’d rather play it safe in life than deal with the uncertainty that change brings. Don’t hamper your transformation. Stay open to change.
  • Your worst-case scenario probably won’t happen.
    Scared of getting that new job? Do you catastrophize and think, “What if no one will hire me? What if I won’t make enough money?” The worry machine goes into overdrive. Focus on the now. The future most likely won’t be as scary as you think.
  • You might be pleasantly surprised.
    Most of the time, when we fear change it is because we’ve been conditioned to think of change as negative. Reframe your experiences. Change can be for the better. Get over your fear of change by looking forward to the fun endeavors you’ll get to experience.
  • You are stronger than you think.
    You can handle the inevitable ups and downs of life. No matter how difficult life may be at times, you can get through it. Just think of all the times you’ve faced insurmountable obstacles and thrived. Reflect on those times when you’re faced with something challenging and outside of your comfort zone.

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5 Reasons Your Fear of Change is a Waste of Time

Donya Molock, BSN, RN

Donya Molock, BSN, RN is a freelance medical writer, journalist, and psychiatric registered nurse with over a decade of experience in mental health. She specializes in helping women find their inner voice and power. She is the founder of Inner Psyche, a blog that focuses on women’s mental and spiritual development.

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