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4 Perspectives to Build Resilience in Difficult Times

We live in uncertain times. From one day to the next, we can’t say for sure if our jobs will be secure, our health will stay good and our loved ones and ourselves will be safe from terror attack. When troubles strike, it can feel like life is hopeless, even if it isn’t true. If you’re going through difficult times now, the following four perspectives may help you be more resilient.

  1. Remember that life always changes. Things can get better.

    When troubles strike, it can feel like things will only get worse, but that is the pessimist in us talking. If we keep the faith and respond to the situation with positive and constructive actions, we can break out of the cycle and things can get better. Sometimes all we need to do is simply to let time pass and to resist the temptation to overreact and aggravate the problem. During times like these, distract yourself by actively engaging in other areas of your life.

  2. Recall how you overcame similar struggles in the past.

    When plodding through a challenging time, it’s natural to be gripped by fear, self-doubt, and pessimistic thoughts that we won’t be able to surmount the obstacles. We forget that it always feels impossible until it’s done, and that we have overcome similar struggles in the past.

    A simple but extremely effective thing you can do is to write down the occasions in your life where you busted through hurdles and rose above the seemingly insurmountable difficulties. As you note down the victories, you’ll find renewed faith in yourself and in the unknown future, which may well bring the good instead of the bad like you feared.

  3. Remember that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

    Zoom out on the issue and focus on the grand scheme of things. More often than not, the raging fires in our lives hijack our attention and we fail to see the big picture. It’s rarely the case that every aspect of our lives goes awry at the same time, and it’s critical to keep the right perspective when the going gets tough.

    We need to remember that our problems are merely a subset of everything that’s going on in our lives and not let the worries, fear, and anxiety overtake our minds. Even if every area of our lives — namely health, relationship, work, money, and passion — has gone haywire, the fact that we’re alive means there’s hope for things to turn around.

  4. Remember that there are still things to appreciate.

    Do not let the darkness blind you from seeing the stars. It’s human nature to get caught up with the things that are not working out in our lives and forget the good bits. Having a grateful heart makes one a magnet for abundance and miracles. No matter how terrible life may seem at any single point, there are always good things if we keep our eyes peeled for them.

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    4 Perspectives to Build Resilience in Difficult Times

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