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Best Mental Health Doctors & Therapists to Follow on Twitter

21 Mental Health Doctors & Therapists You Should Be Following on Twitter

There are a lot of fascinating therapists, psychologists, counselors and psychiatrists online today — a far cry from what things looked like 20 years ago when Psych Central was founded. So we thought we’d spend some quality time culling Twitter for some of the more interesting folks whose Twitter feed is full of good conversation and information.

Below, in no particular order, you’ll find what we consider to be some of the best mental health doctors and therapists you should be following on Twitter. We at Psych Central are proud to provide lots of great content, but realize that we can’t be the only source of information on the vast internet. Some you may recognize and already follow, while others will be brand new to you.

Because we spend a lot of time combing the web to find information about mental health issues, we regularly connect with hundreds of great people every week. Today, we’re proud to share this list of 21 people you should be following on Twitter (if you’re not already). This list contains only doctors and therapists who have active Twitter feeds. If you choose to follow them, drop them a tweet and let them know you found them on Psych Central.


21 Mental Health Doctors & Therapists You Should Be Following on Twitter

  • Laurie D. Johnson@Glenbrookemama
    (Followers: 512)
    Their description: WLAQ’s Dr. J! Award-winning author, speaker, talk radio personality, Licensed Professional Counselor, ADHD advocate, anti-yully expert, and therapist.Why follow her? What we like about Laurie is that she mixes the serious with the light-hearted, providing both information and entertainment value. Not only does she engage with her followers, but regularly retweets things she finds of interest and peppers her feed with the occasional inspirational quote. It’s a mix that works well and one we enjoy.
  • Bart Andrews@BartAndrews
    (Followers: 5,711)
    Their description: #SPSM #suicideprevention #crisis #leadership #technology #healthcare #DoctorWho junkie. Tweets are my personal opinions and do not represent BHR Why follow him?   

    What we like about Bart is the Doctor Who reference. He discusses a broad spectrum of topics, including pop culture and technology, but it almost always ties back in some way to mental health. Twitter can get repetitive, and we like that Bart mixes it up.

  • Sean Erreger, LCSW@StuckonSW
    (Followers: 2,619)
    Their description: blogger, #socialwork, #mentalhealth, #youthmh @spsmchat #spsm can’t separate brain/body (#medpsych #hcldr). what facilitates positive change & how tech can helpWhy follow him? Sean is one the people behind #spsmchat (Suicide Prevention Social Media Twitter Chat) and that alone would earn him a spot on our list. In between the chats, he retweets great information from his followers and peers. Highly recommend tuning in on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.
  • Jo Hemmings@TVpsychologist
    (Followers: 25,400)
    Their description: Behavioural/Celebrity Psychologist. Relationships/Dating Coach. Big Brother psychologist. #UKDA Dating Expert 2014. Reality TV a specialty – at work and play!Why follow her? Jo is based in London and focuses her expertise on reality TV. She is a celebrity and has a large following both in England and America. Focusing on celebrity, reality TV, and dating makes her very interesting to follow.
  • Earl Turner@DrEarlTurner
    (Followers: 2,543)
    Their description: Psychologist, Blogger w/@PsychToday, Assistant Professor (@UHDowntown), AΦΑ, #TAMU & #LSU Alum| Also @RCMH_UHdowntownWhy follow him? Earl is a blogger, an Assistant Professor, and holds a PhD in Psychology. His credentials could lead someone to think he would be boring, but he is young, energetic and has a strong social  justice mindset. His tweets range from issues affecting African-Americans to parenting to tennis. He comes off as very  personable and does so in under 140 characters.
  • Keely Kolmes @drkkolmes
    (Followers: 86,500)
    Their description: San Francisco psychologist. Writer. Speaker. Consultant. Researcher. Focused on Digital Ethics & working with LGBTQ, kink, & poly clients.Why follow her? Keely’s Twitter stream is very active and focuses on an often left our segment of the population: people who identify as kink or polyamerous. In addition to addressing those issues, she also tweets about LGBTQ topics. She is not afraid to discuss “sensitive” issues and provides information as it relates.
  • David Susman, Ph.D.@DavidSusman
    (Followers: 3,676)
    Their description: Clinical psychologist, mental health advocate, professor, blogger, speaker. Proven resources for #mentalhealth, #wellness, #hope & #recovery. Opinions mine.Why follow him? David is a down-to-earth and traditional mental health advocate. He shares his personal views peppered with well thought-out facts about mental health issues. His information is easy to understand and the sources he chooses are well respected in the mental health community. He’s an all-around nice guy providing easy-to-understand information.
  • Nikki Schwartz, LPC@NikkiSchwartzVB
    (Followers: 1,672)
    Their description: Counselor, w/#AdultADHD, helps those w/Autism, Aspergers, ADHD calm the brain. Neurofeedback, PlayTherapy, Counseling, Parent Coaching. Play, Live, Work happier.Why follow her? Nikki provides a lot of solid information about Autism, Aspergers, and ADHD, as well as gives information on the various treatments available for those conditions. Her stream is active and she is often seen answering general questions.
  • Heather @BabyShrink
    (Followers: 17,700)
    Their description: Mom of 4, Psychologist, and parenting writer celebrating the development of young children. @KITV4 expert, Let’s Get This Potty Started! author.Why follow her? Heather is the author of Let’s Get This Potty Started! and that might just say it all. Excellent information delivered in a humorous way. She is an expert on early childhood development and provides information in fun, engaging, and humorous ways. A must follow for parents.
  • Dr Andrew Mendonsa@DrMendonsa916
    (Followers: 379,000)
    Their description: Concierge psychologist to help you achieve growth and happiness. Media featured and a top twitter followed psychologist.Why follow him? Andrew is not only the person on our list with the most followers, he is one of the most followed across the entire platform. He has a long history of providing top notch information to help people reach their personal goals. While the number of followers was not a requirement to make this list, there is no doubt that this kind of following for a single person means he is providing well respected and quality content to his followers.
  • Nancy J. Smyth@njsmyth
    (Followers: 4,142)
    Their description: Faculty member/dean-social work @UBSSW | occasional blogger | virtual worlds, therapy, social media, higher ed, trauma. Views are mine; tweets & RTs ≠ endorsementsWhy follow her? Nancy is the dean of social work for University of Buffalo and, as an added bonus, assists with their Twitter feed as well (@UBSSW). Her tweets focus on the trauma spectrum and she often provides information perfect for students looking for help managing trauma. She is professional and fun all at the same time.
  • Victoria Galbraith@DrVictoriaG
    (Followers: 2,146)
    Their description: Counselling Psychologist @ Hereford Nuffield Hospital; Lecturer @wlv_uni; Co-editor & Author- Handbook of Counselling Psych (’16); Mummy! North Walian #hiraeth!Why follow her? Victoria tweets all the way from the University of Wolverhampton and it is obvious from her tweets that she has a zest for life (as well as a love of elephants). Her information is spot on and answers almost every question she is asked, from what we can tell. If you are interested in counseling psychology or general information about psychology, her feed is for you.
  • Paul Appelbaum@appelbap
    (Followers: 786)
    Their description: Dollard Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine & Law @ColumbiaPsych Legal and ethical issues in medicine, forensic psychiatry, genetic ethicsWhy follow him? Paul tweets most often about the legal aspects of psychiatry and medicine in general. His forte is the intersection of ethics, legal rights, and practicing medicine. Highly recommend if you are interested in the legal rights of doctors and/or patients.
  • Heidi GrantHalvorson@hghalvorson
    (Followers: 17,200)
    Their description: Social psychologist at Columbia’s Motivation Science Center, speaker, author, contributor for HBR, Fast Company, Forbes, 99u, WSJ, & Psych TodayWhy follow her? Heidi’s twitter streams provides a great deal of information from multiple sources as it relates to mental health at work. Her work with Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, as well as her colleagues can all be found in her stream. Both professionals with mental health issues, or anyone in management, should follow her feed and read the information provided.
  • Melanie Greenberg @DrMelanieG
    (Followers: 42,200)
    Their description: Clinical Psychologist in Marin County, CA Psychology Today Blogger, Author. Therapy for Individuals & Couples, Speaking EngagementsWhy follow her? Melanie focuses her twitter stream on providing quality content as it relates to being a better person or building a better relationship. Her information is matter of fact, easy to read and understand, and that makes it easy to incorporate into every day life.
  • Jeffrey Guterman@JeffreyGuterman
    (Followers: 205,000)
    Their description: constructing solutions. Follow @SolutionsBook for updates about my latest book and the solution-focused approach for helping professionals.Why follow him? Jeffrey focuses his Twitter stream on helping people who are in the profession of helping people. Therapists, social workers, and the like. His feed is often political, sharing his assessment of current events and political issues. If you are looking for ways to improve your counseling practice or wants to “peek behind the curtain,” this is a great person to follow.
  • William Yates, M.D. @WRY999
    (Followers: 22,300)
    Their description: Physician, Writer and Bird Photographer. Translating Neuroscience Research Into Better Care for Brain Disorders.Why follow him? William is one of the few MDs who made the list and his stream reflects his background. He shares excellent information from a more medical and technical perspective, but often provides a bit of context for laypeople.
  • K. Randle, PhD, LCSW @DrKRandle
    (Followers: 4,214)
    Their description: University Professor; Columnist: Ask The Therapist @PsychCentral #criminaljustice #mentalhealth; Analyzing high profile #crimes & #trials; love comediansWhy follow her? K. Randle writes the Ask The Therapist column here at Psych Central and that was almost enough to get her on the list. What put her over the top is her focus on criminal justice and how that relates to mental health. Very interesting reading and timely information.
  • Debra Lindh @DebraLindh
    (Followers: 4,609)
    Their description: Award-Winning #Stress Coach, Speaker, Trainer, #PTSD Survivor-Advocate. #MindfulEffect Chat. Post-Stress Growth, Practical Mindfulness, Transformative LearningWhy follow her? Debra’s twitter stream provides a lot of great content on stress reduction and she is expert on mindfulness techniques. Her stream will help anyone incorporate simple, easy, and effective stress reduction techniques into their daily routines.
  • Terri Cole@terri_cole

    (Followers: 29,900)
    Their description: Founder and CEO of Hello, Freedom! Psychotherapist. Strategist. Coach.Why follow her? Terri is a very positive and upbeat person and her twitter stream reflects that very well. Follow her to read positive quotes, upbeat articles, and learn strategies to tackle life’s daily dilemmas. She often retweets from Positively Positive — and that is a positive thing, indeed!
  • Steven Pinker@sapinker
    (Followers: 196,000 )
    Their description: Cognitive scientist at Harvard.Why follow him? Steven has the ability to make everyone feel two things: That their vocabulary is inadequate and that everyone can learn to be a better writer and communicator. His twitter stream is filled with information about current events, writing, and the way we relate to one another. Don’t let his Harvard education scare you — much of the content is easy to understand and exceptionally useful.

Finally, if you aren’t already, you should be following both @PsychCentral and Psych Central’s founder, @DocJohnG, on Twitter. Both are excellent Twitter feeds to keep up with the largest mental health community online today.

Don’t keep this list a secret. Share with your friends, today!


21 Mental Health Doctors & Therapists You Should Be Following on Twitter

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