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The Sweetest Sound

“I am going to to do something I am passionate about,” I vowed.

Fresh off college graduation, I radiated a healthy idealism. From politics to policy to mental health, I was ready to saber rattle the status quo into submission.  

Six months later, I sat in a sterile office in a nondescript DC office analyzing legal psychobabble. From the crackling paint to the linoleum tiles, the office could have doubled as a psych ward. And as I listened my desultory colleagues groan in agony, maybe it was.
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12 Steps to Successfully Become a Morning Person

Today, only 7% of the younger generation are morning people. This statistic gradually increases as people reach the age of 60. But the truth is, most important activities happen in the morning. Work, school, exercise, and creativity all take a lot of brainpower. It is proven that by going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, you can be more focused and productive.

If you are ready to start your journey to early morning productivity, read these 12 tips!
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What True Love Looks Like

Every society in the world praises the value of love. Love takes us beyond self-centeredness and motivates us to connect meaningfully with another. Yet, too often, the secular ideal of love emphasizes being loved, or at least on receiving love in reciprocation for the love one gives.

In Hebrew, “the word for love -- ahavah -- includes the Aramaic word hav, which means ‘Give!’ (And the initial letter alef makes it mean, ‘I will give.’) Loving…is not so much receiving, as giving of oneself, and making sacrifices for others.
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Embracing Your Experiences: Make Some Memories

“Life is a tapestry woven by the decisions we make.” – Sherrilyn Kenyon
We can lament that life is short and be paralyzed with fear over making a mistake, or we can appreciate that we live and breathe today and can embrace life joyfully and with purpose. Acting upon our belief that life is worth living, and living well, we can then recognize that what we do today can both fulfill and sustain us. We must be bold and act without fear, even though we may stumble in some of our endeavors. Through it all, the rich detail of each experience creates memories to cherish and revisit, to share and be inspired by.
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Using Technology to Help Us Practice Mindfulness

Often we think that technology and mindfulness are opposites. We think they're at odds. When we think about practicing mindfulness or meditation, we think about putting away our phones. We think about turning off the TV. We think about shutting down all our devices. We think about digital detoxes.

But technology and mindfulness actually aren’t so incompatible. Even more, we can use technology to help us practice mindfulness.
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My Health Above All Else!

Life is all about balance, and as a person with bipolar disorder it is not something I am good at.

I struggle finding the balance in my life whether it be with my personal relationships or my work life. I struggle more than the normal person would but that’s because guess what? I am not normal.

Let me say that again in case I didn’t make it clear enough. I am not normal! And guess what? I am okay with that. In fact, it is something I have learned to love about myself. My individuality has come to be something I cherish.
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How to Recognize Your Possibilities — Especially When You Are Stuck

“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

When problems arise, don’t you often think about first is that you can’t get past them? Then follows circuitous thinking fueled by becoming so consumed and distracted by the problem or issue that thinking about anything gets fuzzy. Solutions seem distant, if even possible. You are tempted to give up, to go on to something else, to bury yourself in some mindless task or numb out with a
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