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Video: I, Too, Have a Dream

The other night I was looking for one of my videos on YouTube and came across this beautiful recitation of my dream about a world without stigma towards those who suffer from mood disorders. The dream had made it to this compassionate guy by a Kansas lobbyist who suffers from bipolar disorder.

I was so thrilled to think my dream has legs! Click through to watch the video.

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Children and Teens

The Problem with Children’s Mental Health Care

In the United States, we're increasingly facing a host of serious issues affecting our health care. Costs continue to rise (my small business health insurance costs rose 25% this past year in Massachusetts, where health insurance coverage is mandated) -- unchecked by apparently anyone -- while treatment options seem to decline.

Need further proof? In yesterday's Boston Globe, pediatrician Claudia Gold wrote an op-ed lamenting the American public's attitude toward...
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Why Do We Swear?

Why do people swear? Why does using a swear word make us feel better? How do we choose which word we use?

Luckily for you, the Association of Psychological Science's Perspectives on Psychological Science just published an article that answers these important scientific questions in...
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Fear Is a Hungry Monster

What did President Roosevelt mean when he famously said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"? Actually, Roosevelt's been referenced a lot lately regarding the bad economy. What would he have known about how fear interacts with itself?

The current global economy and the Great Depression have more in common than just bad stock markets. They also had a healthy dose of daily fear. I do not profess to be any sort of economist...
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A Long Journey Home

I flew back from a conference last week sitting next to a man who was flying to Boston, so that he could drive to Springfield to bury his sister. He told me this as matter-of-factly as if he were telling me about his business, a deal he had just closed, or his favorite hobby. And then he broke down and started to cry.

It had been a long but peaceful trip. The man,...
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Anticipating the Launch of Ecopsychology

Midweek Mental Greening

Publisher Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is set to launch Ecopsychology this spring, and I must say, I for one am mighty excited.


Well, because according to the publisher’s web page for Ecopsychology:

The new, peer-reviewed online journal Ecopsychology explores the relationship between environmental issues and mental health and wellbeing. The Journal examines the psychological, spiritual, and therapeutic aspects of human-nature relationships, concern about environmental issues, and responsibility for protecting natural places and other species.

And isn’t that some of the very stuff...
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