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Why Internet Addiction Still Doesn’t Exist

Doctors have no problem treating disorders that don't officially exist, including Internet addiction, one of those non-existent disorders that nonetheless actually has clinics devoted to its "treatment."

"But Dr. Grohol," you might protest, "How can you say that? There's been years worth of research showing Internet disorder does exist!"

And usually, I'd be on-board with you if that research actually was good research -- well-designed, without circular-logic reasoning and sampling issues. But Internet addiction is a perfect example of a fad disorder brought about...
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Introducing Celebrity Psychings

We're excited and happy to announce the addition of a new blog to the Psych Central family. Joining our popular blog on bipolar disorder, Bipolar Beat, our new blog is called Celebrity Psychings and is written by freelance writer, Alicia Sparks.

You may recognize that name, as Alicia was the author behind the blog, Mental Health Notes. I was an avid reader of Mental Health Notes and recognized that Alicia is a great writer, so I...
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The Art of Airbrushing

Airbrushing, the process of manipulating a photograph to hide flaws and create a better image, is nothing new. In fact, photo manipulation has been around for a long time. One of the earliest manipulated photos is a famous image of President Lincoln — in reality, a composite of Lincoln’s head on another politician’s body.

Politicians always have interfered with images, wielding their power to rewrite history, purge opponents from pictures and promote their own agenda. How funny that today it’s used to make...
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Daily Strength Sold to HSW International

Daily Strength, a health social networking site that likes to boast about the number of communities it hosts (regardless of the number of actual active members it has), has been sold to an international corporation called HSW International. Never heard of them? Nor had I:

HSW International, Inc., an online publishing company, develops and operates Internet businesses that are focused on providing consumers with digital content database . It primarily focuses on the online publishing of localized and translated Chinese and Brazilian...
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