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Brain and Behavior

Five Tips for Mindful Eating

As we approach yet another holiday, many of us will be engaging in more mindless eating -- eating simply because food is put in front of us, or we feel like it would be rude if we didn't eat something. And while indeed eating can be part of a social activity or tradition, that doesn't mean you need to check your common sense at the door.

Last year, researcher Dr. Brian Wansink published a book entitled, Mindless...
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Best of the Web

Mental Health Year in Review: 2008

As another year comes to a close, it's time to review what made the biggest news in 2008 in mental health and psychology. Of course, the biggest news of the year -- the historic election of Barack Obama -- is not directly related to mental health but worthy of note. His policies and appointments over the next four years are likely to make a substantial impact in funding and policies in American healthcare (and mental health care).

Highlights from...

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SSRI Antidepressants and Your Sex Life

As we've noted in the past (such as here, here, and most recently here), SSRI antidepressant medications -- the most commonly prescribed psychiatric medication today -- often have sexual side effects. Inability to orgasm, delayed orgasm, losing sensation in your genitals, and a lack of sex drive are all possible side effects of these common medications.

Despite this being a pretty well-known issue with SSRI antidepressants for at least 10 years and maybe even as long as 20 years, apparently someone over...
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Planning Cosmetic Surgery?

Add another downside to reading magazines targeted at women -- articles portraying cosmetic surgery may mention the physical risks, but rarely talk about the emotional and psychological risks of such surgery:

Of the articles that mention emotional health, only 18 percent suggest cosmetic surgery may...
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