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Friday Flashback for November 28, 2008

Wow, can you believe November is nearly gone while the Thanksgiving turkey is digesting in our stomachs? Neither can we, and so we bring you another installment of our occasional Friday Flashback.

10 Years Ago on Psych CentralRelationship Reprise: Don't Forget Them
As the holidays descend upon us, it may be a good time to remember what's really important in life -- our relationships with our friends, family and others, not things. Focus on those relationships, renew old ones, and do some relationship housekeeping to...
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Naps May Help Memory

I'm sick today (sorry!), so I'll keep this positively short -- naps may help improve your memory, but nothing beats a full-night's rest of uninterrupted sleep.

The Boston Globe has the full story: Naps boost sophisticated memory

Also, while I'm here, for some reason the Associated Press again published the same story about a supposed Truman Show disorder, already published by multiple news outlets back in July (and which we covered with our usual skepticism back then). No new updates, apparently just another reason...
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Thanksgiving Stressing You Out?

As we come upon the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, many of you write us asking for tips on how to keep from losing it with your families, or in other get-togethers you may be partaking of.

Well, we've got something for you! We call it our Coping with Thanksgiving Guide, which is a compilation of the articles on our site that may help you get through the holiday. It includes topics on general coping with family relationships and stress, how to deal with...
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