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Try Our Facebook ADHD Quiz!

Do you love Facebook?

Well, we do too and now you can show your love by checking out our new Facebook ADHD Quiz, which allows you to take (and re-take) the ADHD quiz as often as you'd like (it keeps track of your scores over time, so you can use it like a weekly ADHD checkup) and share your results with your Facebook friends (if you want).

This is the first quiz we've converted into a Facebook application, so if you find any...
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Is American Healthcare in a Bubble?

Over at , my colleague Alan Greene (who, with his wife Cheryl, runs the fantastic parenting and child resource site, ) writes an entry based upon a talk he gave at the second Health conference in San Francisco this past week. (Health is a conference that ostensibly seeks to help encourage the conversation amongst people seeking to help empower patients with their health care.)

Dr. Greene believes that change is coming in the American health care system, which is currently in...
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Best of the Web

Top Ten Bipolar Blogs 2008

Blogs tend to have a short life cycle, with most lasting under two years before fading into archival heaven. Last year Psych Central compiled a list of the top ten bipolar blogs, written by people who have a bipolar spectrum disorder. We're glad that some of our faves are still active, sad to see a few gone, and happy to discover great new writers too. We're pleased to present you Psych Central's Top Ten Bipolar Blogs of 2008.

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