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Reconciling Relationship Conflicts

You've heard it all before, so I'm probably not telling you anything new. But in the interests of making sure you know the facts about marital (and long-term relationship) conflicts, I thought I'd say some of it again. This comes from the great self-help online book, Psychological Self-Help (the original one, not the bastardized version that appears elsewhere online).

Many researchers (, Christensen & Jacobson, 2000) believe that most marital differences and arguments are completely reconcilable. The problem lies in the fact that as...
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What Causes Schizophrenia? Maybe Rare Gene Variants

The New York Times today had a great grounded piece on the state of our knowledge into schizophrenia, a relatively uncommon mental disorder (that gets a lot of attention more because of its severity, not because of its prevalence). The reality is that after hundreds of research studies into the biology and genetics of schizophrenia, all signs point to the fact that schizophrenia may be caused by thousands of rare gene variants. In other words, if you have one of these rare gene...
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Treating Bipolar Disorder in Children

A letter to the editor in today's The Boston Globe by Janet Wozniak suggests that since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of two atypical antipsychotic medications last year for pediatric bipolar disorder, it is proof the disorder exists:

The FDA approvals of Risperdal and Abilify for this purpose not only suggest that at the proper dose, these atypical antipsychotic medications are safe and effective for use as indicated, but affirm that the FDA accepts the validity of pediatric bipolar...
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Are You Burning Out?

Burnout is subtle. It creeps up on you slowly. How do you know if you are burning out?

I know well the face of burnout. I found myself questioning my motives, feeling guilty, and being greatly misunderstood. Sometimes I was shamed for not “working enough!” I found very few helpful resources. I discovered that most people did not understand the causes and signs of burnout.

What are the signs of burnout?

As a professional counselor I have researched burnout. According to the...
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Blogging for Mental Health

The (unofficial) 2008 Blogathon, or Day of Blogs, is underway on July 26 and 27. Dozens of bloggers have pledged to post every half hour for 24 hours, to raise money for charities including some great mental health organizations.

Life with Logan sends funds to 1-800-SUICIDE, while Jenny's Light shines on postpartum illnesses via Jennifer at Fairly Ordinary. Renee of Genre Impaired supports the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, and psychotherapist Isabella Mori of the Change Therapy...
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