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I Think I’m in Love with My Therapist

"I think I'm in love with my therapist. What's wrong with me? What should I do?"

It is not unusual to feel strong feelings of "love" or affinity toward your therapist. But those feelings probably aren't what you think.

Psychodynamic theory suggests the reason that many people fall in love with their therapist is because they are repeating emotional patterns they experienced as children toward their parents. This behavior and set of feelings was first described by Sigmund Freud...
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Need to Get Into College? Try ADHD!

Furious Seasons brings us this advice column where a concerned parent is asking about her daughter's desire to be diagnosed with ADHD to help her get into college:

[... Y]ou can imagine my surprise when she asked that I take her to the doctor to get a prescription for ADHD medication. I was blown away.

She says many “smart” parents have their children tested and diagnosed with attention deficit disorders so the students have the advantage of prescription medicine and un-timed standardized tests.

Is this...
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Brain and Behavior

Mood Lighting for Gaming

In the mental health blogosphere this week my favourite post came from Dr. Shock, in a post that is part of the cool Research Blogging initiative. He reported on a new paper published in Cyberpsychology & Behavior called Lighting in Digital Game Worlds: Effects on Affect and Play Performance, by Igor Knez and Simon Niedenthal.

Lighting has been shown to have effects on mood in the physical world (both sunlight and artificial...
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